Hannah Scheafer (USA) and Rebekah Fitch (Ireland) 11 – 22 July

excited about this tour – please support.

1King Music

We’re bringing two amazing artists together for 2019! inspirational alt-pop sharing the stage together!

A short show reel for Hannah Schaefer

Rebekah Fitch live

Interested in helping us bring this event together? We still need venues in some locations and if you can support us by way of venue, hospitality please get in touch!

if you can’t see the playlist above then try this direct link to the Spotify playlist (opens in new window/tab)

Tour dates/locations:

Saturday, 13th JulyVIP
Sunday, 14th JulyBray
Tuesday 16th JulyDublin
Wednesday 17th July
Thursday 18th JulyKilkenny
Friday – Sunday 19 – 21 JulyOne Lord Festival

Interested in providing a venue please get in touch soon! Compete the form below and we’ll be in touch with the rest.

Can you support us. We’re looking for sponsors to consider joining our our VIP team! Help us meet the initial funding…

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