What is my current vision? The thing that motivates me to get up in the morning?

Since moving to Ireland in 2008 I have been mainly working with Spirit Radio as Operations Manager, assisting in day to day studio operations, I.T. management of systems, ensuring new content is loaded correctly into the station for play-out, new adverts are scheduled correctly and ensure the playlists are produced for each day. I have also been blessed with being trusted with on-air presenting in pretty much all day-parts as a fill-in presenter, where I am known as ‘pop up Richie’.

Church life

It’s always been paramount for me to be part of a local church community and I feel very much part of the church family. I’m passionate about engaging with children and youth and seeing kids develop a year-round lifestyle for the gospel. Some of my involvements in the church has been to see children’s ministry birthed and launch with a fresh vision. Though it’s been a challenge at times as I have had to balance Spirit Radio commitments with church life & ministry. The beginning of the year after being responsible for the children’s ministry, for 4 years,  I’ve had to put it down releasing someone else into the role. Together with embarking on an MA module to engage in study, has meant something had to give. It still remains my passion to see Children & Youth Ministry more fully engaged with at local church level.

God shaping vision, passions & priorities

There always comes a time where the Lord leads us to lay down some things only to pick up what he is directing. And this often only comes through a living and active relationship with Christ. So often we get too busy to listen and putting things down is really helpful. [Update 2017] In 2017 I believe is a year of re-focus and putting things down and picking things up as the Lord directs. My passion for mission remains, and this year I will be looking at taking time out from regular activity to do a TESOL course.

Support Based Ministry

To enter back into support based ministry, it is important to get back good financial management and structure in place to receive support. I have not wanted to rush into this as I need to be sure that it is the right step, and one thing is I’m still not convinced I should become self-employed but look instead at a limited company as a container for ministry moving forward. Youth Work Connect is a registered business name in Ireland, however with recent developments and new focus in 1kingmusic in 2019 with my first tour I have taken the decision to close the youthworkconnect website and bring the articles written there into my blog under the Youth Work Connect menu. Youth Work Connect continues to be my business name of my support account so that income into this account helps fund my involvement in Youth Work within local church context. I am currently funded enough for 2 hours per week. Thank you for your support.

Teaching English

Back in 2018 I got my TESOL qualification and although I am not teaching full-time I have recently been able to register with italki to provide online lessons. Check out my italki teaching profile here.

1King Music

Do check out my 1KingMusic website. Last year I did my first international tour with two artists I brought together for the first time in Ireland. Wow! it was definitely a hightlight. I believe that in 2020 I will be building on the 2019 experience to provide a summer tour and mission in summer of 2020.

Thank you for taking the time to read my current vision.

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