Are we living in the last days?

Just wow! How can an international organisation display something as a sign of peace for the nations when clearly it comes out of other mythology totally unrelated to peace! It just goes to show and confirm that these people don’t read scripture nor do they clearly have God’s blessings or leading!

Chasing After the wind

This is probably my first devotional post in awhile. Reflecting on Ecclesiastes & the theme “Chasing After the wind” finding some key verses that drew me to the parallel in the gospels of the prodigal son, and where Jesus said he came to give us life in all its fullness… Some reflections on what that means…

Hope vanished?

Job's reply - Job 16,17 - Job was taunted by Satan, though he didn't realise it at the time. The Bible tells us that Satan roams the earth looking for Christ's ofspring (followers) to disrupt, kill and destroy. And he is not even obvious often masquerading as an 'Angel of Light'! Job gives us real... Continue Reading →

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