Movie Watch | Father Stu

This week, I went to the press preview of the real life story of Father Stuart Long. It reminds me of the 70’s movie ‘Cross & the Switchblade” where David Wilkinson’s story from gangster to Christ. Father Stu is a simular story ‘from gangster to Priest’

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Are we living in the last days?

Just wow! How can an international organisation display something as a sign of peace for the nations when clearly it comes out of other mythology totally unrelated to peace! It just goes to show and confirm that these people don’t read scripture nor do they clearly have God’s blessings or leading!

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Today I was just browsing for stuff on the Easter Story resources. I came across a hashtag campaign which seems good yet when i looked more closely it is started by the mormon church which is not what evangelical bible believing Christians believe - yet on first glance all looks great and have to say the website puts our Christian churches to shame!