Are we living in the last days?

Recently the UN has mounted a statue outside their New York HQ which certainly resembles the end times beast described in Daniel & Revelation.

Just wow! How can an international organisation display something as a sign of peace for the nations when clearly it comes out of other mythology totally unrelated to peace! It just goes to show and confirm that these people don’t read scripture nor do they clearly have God’s blessings or leading!

Change our focus!

Ok lets put that aside and be positive! When it comes to the ultimate mediator between nations it is clearly not the UN but the LORD himself!

“In the last days, the mountain of the Lord’s house will be the highest of all— the most important place on earth. It will be raised above the other hills, and people from all over the world will stream there to worship.”‭

Isaiah‬ ‭2:2‬ ‭NLT

Today I read in Isaiah 2:4 that “The Lord will himself will mediate between nations…” Isaiah 2 talks of the Lord’s future reign — “…in the last days, the mountain of the Lord will be the highest place of all and the most important place on earth… people from all over the world will come, and the Lord’s teaching will go out for there he will teach us his ways and we will seek his paths!”

Therefore, we see that through the scriptures, it is obvious, that Satan is scared! His time is near he is trying all he can to circumvent the Lord’s rule and put in his own on the earth! Can he win? Well he’s certainly seems to be active in his deception in winning as many people as he can – ultimate scam artist!

What’s the answer?

It is all too easy to focus on what the enemy is doing and give him more credit (or talk-time) than he deserves! For me I would say, lets not give the enemy a foothold in life, don’t let him scare you into fake-news of the future!

Instead, “Now if you hear his voice do not harden your heart like you did in times of rebellion” (Psalm 95:7-11; Heb. 3:15) but instead hear Jesus calling your life to turn-around and repent (turn away from rebellion against God) and choose life!

When we do that something incredible happens, you might not feel anything, but know this your heart is changed as you’ve just given permission for Holy Spirit to start working in your life!

Amazing thing is when we turn back to God he promises his Holy Spirit to bring a refreshing on our lives. (Acts 3:19)

It all started at the cross – look up!

The cross was the ultimate event in history that changed everything! The enemy even then thought he one killing Jesus, but instead Satan was made a public spectacle (laughing stock) as Jesus took our sin, upon the cross, and rose to life 3 days later! Through the cross of Christ, we can know we are forgiven so we can have full access into the holy place with the Father – but to receive that forgiveness we need to Look up! (John 3:15-16)

Firstly it takes courage to Admit that we need Christ in our lives, to give up pride, selfishness (living just for me). Turning from sin starts simply with a Thankyou prayer:-

JESUS thank-you for going to the cross for me, I admit that i need you in my life recognising I’ve been living for me at the centre of my world.

Thank you Jesus for taking on my sin at the cross and i am sorry for ignoring you and today i choose to repent of my sin and today I choose to live life with & for you.

I receive your forgiveness and give you permission Lord, for your Holy Spirit to come and live in my heart to help lead me in your ways Lord.

Thank you for receiving me today into your kingdom. Amen.

If you prayed this prayer, message me it’s just a start to choosing daily to say Yes Lord I choose daily to live for you! Find a good church to help you grow in faith.

The amazing thing is walking with Jesus, everyday is a new day that we may know and start clean as when Father God looks at us he no longer see’s the dirt of sin, but the righteousness that he sees in Christ Jesus upon us! (1John 1:9)

Back to the theme of this post:

It’s all to easy to focus on and even sensationalise world events especially end-time events. Yet at the end of the day scripture says only the Father knows the time of the end all we can do is live in away that daily reflects the goodness of God so that people see in us the truth of Jesus to be prepared in season and out to tell of the wonders of His truth that can be found in Christ. So lets change our focus on what God is doing, and give hope to those who ask! For true peace can only come from knowing Jesus everything else is really fake-hope which leads to destruction ultimately!

Today Lord, i choose not to focus on the negative of world events for I acknowledge we’re living in the end times but don’t let me give the enemy a foothold or any credence to what he is doing in this world and instead to proclaim the victory we have through the cross in Christ, Jesus. Amen.

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