Make God Famous (Psalm 145)

What are you doing everyday? Do you see your job as mundane, unmotivating or boring?┬áIf we focus on the wrong things, like things that don't inspire or give hope will dictate how we live! Instead focus on Making God famous for the amazing things he has done! Here's some tips to get started: - pass... Continue Reading →

What are you boasting about?

Psalm 52:1 (NASB), Psalm 52:7-9 (NASB) Imagine David being tired of listening to King Saul's boasting "Look at me... I'm so great!" that because the relationship between Saul & David was deteriating David got away to visit a friend! Only the other day I was reminded of how different it is for Christians who live... Continue Reading →

Building character – guys

Psalm 45: 1-9 Are you waiting for your ideal partner, soul mate? There is much consideration to what you're looking for but what about the character that God calls forth in men that will bless their life-long partner? Imagine the writer of this psalm calling forth God-anointed qualities. Consider how you are doing yourself and... Continue Reading →

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