What are you boasting about?

Psalm 52:1 (NASB), Psalm 52:7-9 (NASB)

Imagine David being tired of listening to King Saul’s boasting “Look at me… I’m so great!” that because the relationship between Saul & David was deteriating David got away to visit a friend!

Only the other day I was reminded of how different it is for Christians who live daily in relationship with Christ feel ‘out of place’ or a sense that they ‘don’t belong’ when friends (who have different values) invite them to the night club to dance the night away, or down the pub there’s an inner battle between wanting to be with friends but feeling uncomfortable in the hedonistic (self-worship) atmosphere.

In this Psalm we see the contrast between those who trust God and those who dont.

What are you boasting in today?
The world says to boast in and promote your own strength and cause (v1)
Yet we see it is against the “lovingkindness” (asb) of God we ignore! Consider boasting about one thing more than anything – How much God loves you! For it is in that place we get to understand true dependance (v8ff)
Your character (in Christ) is totally different!
Theres a stark contrast between following selfish ambition and dependance on God! (v7) Which affected his:
1/ Security – he didnt depend on God for safety!
2/ Wealth – he trusted in his own efforts (money)
3/ relationships – the only one that matters was himself, used people!
You however! Live different: (vv8-9) build healthy character,
1/ deep roots in the house of God, get with people who enjoy God – that way you’ll grow!
2/ trust in His faithful love, boast in How much God loves you!
3/ praise for what He has done! Regularly boast in His workings in your life
4/ your hope is certain, you have eternal security! Wow! Because God is good and he always wants the best for you!
5/ regularly worship with God’s people: enjoy relationship with His people & being part of a local church!

Therefore, next time you are in a different crowd know your character is different – my prayer is that you may be an influencer of others rather than allowing yourself to be influenced by the world!

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