Pass it on!

None of us are getting any younger. In reality, its harsh sounding, the only sure thing is that we are all going to die at some point so the need to pass it on is crucial. I have been reflecting on this and wonder how many organisations do you know where the leadership is in … Continue reading Pass it on!

Are we over reliant on the smart phone?

[youtube] Have you seen this video? it's already gone viral - it is a great discussion with your teens!?! Are we over reliant on the mobile, do we miss things in the real world because of the mobile phone? what about when we go on holiday is it really necessary to take the smart phone … Continue reading Are we over reliant on the smart phone?

Children & Worship

So often, however there is a disparity between adult expectation in worship and that of the child's experience, which perhaps all too often leads to adults approaching children in worship with adult understanding and expectation. One thing is sure there are many good songs available to help engage kids in worship, although I wonder if sometimes these songs in some contexts are either too complicated or end up encouraging performance worship?