Pass it on!

None of us are getting any younger. In reality, its harsh sounding, the only sure thing is that we are all going to die at some point so the need to pass it on is crucial.

I have been reflecting on this and wonder how many organisations do you know where the leadership is in its 50 or 60’s? Don’t get me wrong that is by no means old but when we reach this age we should at least be thinking who should we mentor to one day take the ship on from after we have gone?

Consider if today you are in your 50’s in 20 years you will be 70 (yes I know none of us want to think of this) and look at those today in their 20’s or 30’s because they will be either approching or in the stage of life you are in today!

How many times in scripture does it lean on the importance of the generations telling one to another! For example, Psalms 145:3 “praise your deeds and tell of your mighty acts” and in Joel 3:20 “but judah will reside securely forever, and Jerusalem will be secure from one generation to another” there is security in the value of passing on from one generation to another! We see this clearly in Deut. 6:7 to pass on the wonders of what God has done at home, when sitting and walking so at home and living it out in everyday life. In other words make it a lifestyle thing!

A challenge today if you are in leadership and in your 50’s plus look around you for those in their 20’s perhaps invite them to walk with you, join them on your leadership team so when the time comes you have confidence to pass it on!

What passing it on is not:

  • A succession. Like a monarchy where the succession to the throne only happens after the monarch’s death!
  • A carbon copy of you! Instead expect them to run ahead and take it further (new wineskin principle) for example was David a carbon copy of Saul!?! No of course not!
  • Mentor not manage or even micro-manage expect the emerging generation to do things, see things a fresh as God leads them

In conclusion, encourage in those you desire to mentor and pass on to be discipled, to get the values you hold so dear not just in words alone but defined in action and personal application. Values are only passed on when lived out in our lifestyle! Is that not why Deut. 6:7 gives insight as to when and what we should be talking about, to impress on our children the things of God:

Talk when you:

  1. Sit at home // family time
  2. Walk along the road // working, journeying stuff you do in life
  3. Lie down & get up // first and last thing at night, apply what you learn.

Can we use thses same principles in our mentoring? There is a challenge there worthy of greater thought I am sure. I am certainly challenged as i get older to consider how am I passing it on? What about you?


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