Be the envy of the world!

Psalm 94:12 (NLT), Psalm 94:13 (NLT) Have you ever given thought that whilst injustice is all around, the godless seem to prosper is not just short lived but compared to those living in God's way are blessed! The Amplified puts it well expanding on Joy that other translations use with: happy, fortunate and to be... Continue Reading →

Joy in the House!

Psalm 84:2-5 (NLT), Psalm 84:7 (NLT), Psalm 84:10 (NLT) After a long day at work, school or college there is something refreshing about coming home! Get the picture? In the psalm today we read of joy in the house! Do you long to get into that place, that presence you can call home? There is... Continue Reading →

A joy that changes nations

Psalm 47:1-2 (NIV), Psalm 47:4-5 (NIV), Psalm 47:9 (NIV) When I reflect on this Psalm I am reminded of the song, "Can a nation be changed... Can a nation be turned back to you?" because this Psalm characterises the key element that will see our nations, cities, communities even our family changed! What is Joy?... Continue Reading →

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