Joy in the House!

Psalm 84:2-5 (NLT), Psalm 84:7 (NLT), Psalm 84:10 (NLT)

After a long day at work, school or college there is something refreshing about coming home! Get the picture?

In the psalm today we read of joy in the house! Do you long to get into that place, that presence you can call home?

There is a real joy, refreshing, peace and strength renewed coming back into the presence of God – its like your spiritual home!

V2 & 10 – Where would you rather be? do you long to make your home with Father God? Imagine you have had a long tiring day and you just want to come home get refreshed, renew your strength! Do you know the Lord desires for you to make HIM your home where your strength is renewed and real joy will be experienced!

Compare where you’re spending your ‘home’ time today? Is it leading you into the joy of the Lord? Here is some of the characteristics of Joy:
Blessed (v4-5)
Peace (v6) even through troubled times
Strength renewed & growing (v5 & 7)
Wow factor (natural shouts of joy bursting out) (v2)
Refreshed (v6)
Set your minds on the things of God (v5)
Presence of God, appreciate and need more (v1 & v3b)

Spend some time hanging out with Father God today, make him YOUR HOME the place you run too! Ask Him to fill you with real JOY!


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