Revelation needed!

Psalm 19: Wow! God has revealed himself in so many ways what is your response?

This psalm of David seems to break naturally in three parts and draws a comparison to natural revelation (that is the revelation of God that is all around us) and then divine revelation, finishing with the only response there surely can be!

Natural Revelation (vv1-6)
The whole heavens sing out the Glory of God giving testimony to a creator God! Paul writes in Romans 1:20, “For since the creation of the world God’s invisible qualities… Eternal power… Divine nature — have been clearly seen” Yet that divine revelation has also been veiled over by “the god of this age” who’s blinded people to discovering truth!
Ask God today to reveal himself today as you admire His creation!

Divine Revelation (vv7-11)
Just like there is natural revelation in creation. There is divine revelation in knowing “the law of the Lord” in other words not a Law that binds but knowing and understanding His ways! How many times do these next few verses bring positive revelation to knowing his ways? V7: refreshing, wise, trustworthy; v8: joy, radiance to life; v9: pure, firm, right; v10: nourishing adequate for full life; v11: great reward.
Ask God by his Holy Spirit this day to give you revelation in your heart of how much he is for you!

Respond (vv12-14)
All this revelation can only lead to one thing! “who can know their own errors… wilful sins; may they not rule over me” (v12-13) We need to know that sins are forgiven that God does not hold our faults against us! Wouldn’t it be great if God provided a way out that meant instead of us receiving eternal condemnation for our faults, sins someone else took the blame for us so we could be free!?! v13b that was the cry from David, if only I was “blameless and innocent of transgression”
Praise God, v14 refers to the future hope found in Jesus! He took the blame for our transgressions so we could go free! To walk in the light free from accusation! What is your heart meditating on today? How will you speak out words of life? May they be pleasing in His sight!

What is your response?

Thank you Lord Jesus for saving me help me this day to live in constant revelation of who you are that my life may reflect you this day! Amen.


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