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It has been a busy few months since working with Spirit Radio and its still a challenge to find time to get to other opportiunities – yet im also encouraged at the progress made on connected vision for ministry in the new & Amplifi Radio are coming together!

I am also excited to be part of a church in Dun Laoghaire and recently taken on responsibility for youth & children’s ministry – would really like to give closer to full-time hours to this as I see so much potential and opportunity that could be done if I was able to give nearer full time hours! But then again my passion is also to develop Amplifi Radio! More news on that coming soon.

In the UK
I will be running media workshops in Derbyshire 14-15 June, including getting the young people to do a live broadcast on the 15 june – so watch out for that at

A quick advance notice keep an eye on Amplifi there’s some big changes coming including switching to a new software system to allow radio clubs in schools & youth clubs to remotely upload their show links. This is a big committment and still in process of building an operations studio where i live. Consider being one of 100 friends at €1 – €2 per month to help cover our base costs for the next 2 years!

Have you enjoyed my quick devotions, i usually blog most mornings – join me as i go through the psalms. I will be recording these soon and playing them out on Amplifi Radio!

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