Need a friend

Psalm 22:v11 I think often sums up how many of us feel in life! Abandoned in need of a neighbour or a friend! Read this verse in the message version.

King David obviously going through pretty hard times, perhaps he felt alone wondering how, when and even if God’s going to act to bring him on top of the situation he finds himself in?!?

Have you ever found yourself wondering, “God, life is hard right now, everyone is against me I could really do with a friend and to know you’re near!”

What can we learn from King David?

From v. 22:
1. Like David – Tell God how you feel – he’s big enough!
2. Declare his praises, consider and remember the times God has been close to you.
3. Through all the generations God is still the same, I think part of the problem is we’re not passing on to the next generation the ‘wonders of God’ – if only they knew surely life would be different! God – he has not forgotten you. Trouble comes when we move away, if you’ve moved drawer near to God today.

Jesus said cast your cares, worries & concerns on Him for his burden is light – get His perspective on those things rather than being bogged down in what you see around you!

Dear Lord, help me to drawer close to you today, sorry for drifting apart and allowing circumstances to overwhelm me, today I give you my hurts, pain and ask that you would help me see a new perspective. In Jesus name, amen.

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