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Psalm 23: Wow! David had such an amazing awareness of God’s character and his ways! As I reflect on this psalm I am encouraged to see how the daily choices I make should be in the context of knowing whose care I am under!

V1: is the Lord your Shepherd? If so live it and ‘lack nothing’ you’ll be content as a sheep in his fold!

Consider these areas where you can know a full life:

1/ just Stop for a while: sometimes life gets so busy stopping before moving on is a good lifestyle choice. And something the Lord makes us do regularly! Perhaps the still waters is a different place to get a new perspective! (v2)

2/ we need nourishment for the journey, making the choice to stop causes us to reconsider where are we getting life’s refreshment from? The world says you need more leisure time! When the picture here is of inner & deep refreshment that touches the soul and causes life-change. Consider the women at the well in John 4! (psalm 23 v3)

4/ when life is hard and in the darkest moment! Even there we can trust in the Lord’s care, and comfort. Remember the famous footprints poem… In the hard times he carried you! (v4)

5/ in provision. Living in the care of the Lord you will know his provision not just for physical needs, but real anointing in the vacation and calling He is leading you! Perhaps you can look back and see the trail of how God has provided and anointed you so far! (v5)

Finally, living with the knowledge that the Lord is your Shepherd, v6 sums up the fruit of that: “surely goodness and mercy will follow me all the days of my life…” and “I will dwell in the house of the Lord forever!” living under the protection of the Lord is real. Ask him today to help you make the right lifestyle choices so you are fully under his protection and anointing!


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