Distinguishing Marks

Psalm 24
Imagine the whole of creation is before its creator, absolutely everything has been created for him and by him, yet not everything is subject too him!

This psalm describes a generation, a people set aside for the Lord a call to the generation to earnestly seek his face will receive blessings!

Consider this: it is true that all people live under the blessings of God, however everyone is also living under the curse that came through Adam of Satan. So therefore although all people can know the blessings of God, they are also faced with curses and lies that the enemy spoils what God has created.

v5-6: the key verse the preceding verses describe what it takes for a generation to seek His face – will firstly receive blessings!

v1 – if everything is created by God and for him, yet not everything is subject to him – how much more are the distinguishing marks of the generation that seek his face!!!!

Do you have those distinguishing marks? Are you living it? What or who is the generation/people that may know God in all his fullness?
1. (v3)clean hands & a pure heart – to know that the curse of the enemy has nothing on you! the lies that say “you’re rubbish” or “God doesn’t love you” The bible is clear: Jesus came so you can have clean hands and a pure heart to know that sin is forgiven – to no longer live under the curse of satan, but under the blessings of God!
2. (v4) their trust is in God total! One of the biggest idols today is pride, it’s all about me, I can do it on my own I need no one else! If it’s not pride then lust – wanting things that we either can’t have. A clear mark of the generation that is for the Lord and to live in all His fullness is of one who totally trusts in God!
3. (v4) living with integrity: not “swearing falsely” listen if we are living under His rule how can we not live with integrity!

Finally, (7-10) the remaining verses are a call – shout to our generation, I believe every generation alive today! to rise up and see that God is calling out for your attention today. The bible says “Today if you hear his voice do not harden your heart as you did in the ‘rebellion'”

Challenge what distinguishing marks are you living by today?
Do you hear His voice calling you to live different?

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