With regards

We’ve all done it, ended a letter or a card we’ve written with the words, “kind regards” or “with regards” but what are we actually saying?

As I meditate on Psalm 28 v 5 causes me to reflect on what it means to have regards for someone. Do we mean to say that we are sharing in what they do and we hope the best for them? Or are we just acknowledging their deeds in the hope that we will get some kind of benefit back?

Consider how today we may regard ‘the deeds (works) of the Lord’ everyday when you wake up do you thank him for another day that you are alive? What about our own deeds (works) we’re building up – do you consider that Father God has a part to play in those things?

We see in this psalm the dangers that when we have no regard for the things of God a consequence is that he can’t bless, and that what we’re building will eventually fall!

Do you know today God desires to know you! Give him your regards today! Give thought to His working in your life and start to live in the fruit of His blessings rather than the consequence of destruction! Know the Lord is your strength, live with joy in your step and His strength to accomplish much for His name (v7-8)


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