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Psalm 29:1-11 (NIV), John 14:27 (NIV)

What is worship? Why, who or what is the context for our worship? As I consider this psalm I see it naturally divides into 3 parts which help us understand the context for worship. king David had a real good grasp of true worship…

1. (vv1-2) It’s about character: with our words, actions we show honour and appreciation for what matters! Is it not the same with Father God!?! How today might you ascribe to God for what he has done – or is he remaining anonymous?!?

2. (vv3-10) Fear of the Lord: consider it was with God’s word that he spoke the universe into being! His voice is mighty! The bible talks many times about “the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom” looking at these verses on their own could lead to the wrong fear – that of “God I’m scared of you…” yet that is not the context, instead having a healthy respect for the One who made the universe yet desires to know you and me personally!

3. (vv11-12) right context: finally we see the right context for worship; Father God desires to know you – he will give you peace, he desires to bless you and give you strength daily. Jesus said that I have come to give you peace and this is a peace the world cannot give!

Where are you today? Are you living in the right context? Spend a few moments today expressing your heart to Father God asking him to reveal His heart to you. Allow Him to reveal the peace that Jesus can alone give in John 14:27 – to know that with a clean conscience you can know your sins are forgiven and you can come to Father God receive his peace & strength today!

Richie Gardiner


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