How can we ignore?

Reflecting on Psalm 36:

King David has revelation as to the unbeliever, “they have no fear of God” & “they flatter themselves” as to their own achievements or merits – basically it’s “pride” which hinders us from acknowledging sin, which consequently leads to a wrong life course. The key is in v2, “in their own eyes” self-justification, self-destiny without any thought that just perhaps they’re maybe a God interested in our lives – total!

If that is the context we are living then something is drastically missing!

Consider the contrast vv5-10, what does this say about God’s perspective?
– totally faithfull (v5)
– totally fair (v6)
– totally priceless (v7)
– totally secure(v7)
– totally satisfying (v8)
– totally planned (v9) your destiny, purpose in Him
– totally Accepted (v10) living in his love

Finally, then when we look at the contrast in the surrounding verses how can anyone “ignore such a great salvation?” in Christ God has poured out His love into your hearts so that you may acknowledge your sin, confess, turn away and choose today to start living in the destiny that He has for you! Not in your own eyes but through the eyes of Christ Jesus!

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