Sin hurts

Psalm 38:22 (NIV), Psalm 38:4 (NIV), Psalm 38:18 (NIV), 1 John 1:9 (NIV)

Imagine the picture when King David did sin against his God – adultery and sending the husband to the frontline to be killed in battle. We see here just how much sin not just hurts God but also effects people around us and our own peace.

Yet King David’s response was not ignorance or to brush it aside but a heartfelt sorrow which can only lead to a changed attitude.

Imagine too, Jesus at the cross, the sky turned black as Jesus said to his Father, “forgive them…” at that moment Jesus was totally separated from Father God and in that Jesus experienced the fully sorrow for not just one persons sin but of the whole of humankind! Yet, because Jesus was perfect in every way sin could not hold him in death and God restored him totally! Why? So we too can know the guilt of our sin – wiped out!

David had it, v18, “I confess my iniquity…” v22, “come quickly Lord, my saviour”

True sorrow for sin is a start. God loves you so much but sadly when we live in away that separates us from experiencing his love we don’t live in his blessings!

That’s why the bible says, “if you confess your sin … He (Jesus) is faithful and just and will purify from all unrighteousness (guilt)” 1 Jn 1:9

Lord, today help me to be like David and be truly sorry for the things I’ve done that has ultimately hurt you, others and myself. I confess today these things by name __________, I lay them at your cross and ask that you would take away the guilt and Lord give me the strength today to say sorry to people I’ve hurt. Show me how this day I may live in your blessings and to really know the love you have for me! In your name Jesus I pray, Amen.

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