Get into the right mix!

Psalm 39:1 (NIV), Psalm 39:12 (NIV)

Who do you spend most of your time with? Where do you hang out? All these things will influence how you behave!

David is writing this psalm to Jeduthin, don’t know much about him but let’s imagine for a moment he was hanging out with the wrong crowd & King David drawing on his own experience exhorts him to recognise his way of living is totally alien to those he’s hanging with!

“I will watch my ways” (v1) be careful in your actions

“I will keep silent” (v2) near impossible for David as later he writes, “my heart grew hot within me… While I meditated, the fire burned; then I spoke…”

If you have the life of Christ within you hanging around in the wrong mix will effect you either to cry out to God for the injustice or going with the crowd!?!

Consider v. 12: see the comparison “I dwell with you (God) as a foreigner…”

Is it any wonder then if you belong to Christ you are living as a citizen of heaven! Allow that which influences you to come from Christ rather than the world so that You can be world changers – influence it, rather than be influenced by it!

Live in the Kingdom mix today! You are a royal ambassador for the King of Kings!


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