Real integrity

Psalm 41:1-9 (NIV), Psalm 41:11-12 (NIV)

What does the Lord require of you?

When all around you there is people telling false stories about you… Hoping for your downfall… Spreading unhelpful gossip.

Imagine King David was in this situation, perhaps others got jealous of his status or just thought they were better than him! Yet they were going against the Lord’s anointed! Dangerous territory is that!

Consider what David experienced here:
v5: malice, death-wish
v6: slander
v7,8: whisper spreading untruth rumours
v9: close friends turning against him

Yet as we see integrity is about living different with values not based on shifting morals and ethics but what the Lord requires and has written on our hearts!

Sometimes it’s all too easy to listen to the malice and gossip and even sarcasm it will get you down! Instead consider what the Lord requires:

Be blessed when…
v1: Consider what it means to be weak: realise your own dependance on God to see you through!
v2: Live as though you are a citizen of heaven! Even admidst the situation you find yourself in!
v3: Know that even in sickness God will give you strength and will restore you!
V4: Trust in God’s grace – in repentance and confession you’re forgiven, your life is not characterised by sin!

Living in integrity we know that:
v11: God is pleased with you!
v12: be victorious God upholds you!

Ask today that the Lord would grant you strength to be the person he wants you to be. Confess the short-comings and failures – Holy Spirit fill me up today so that I may reflect the hope that is found in your son Jesus. Help me not to listen to slander or gossip that is around me everyday.

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