Bad things happen

Psalm 42:1-3 (NIVUK), John 4:10 (NIVUK), John 4:13-14 (NIVUK)

Imagine the writer of this psalm crying out aloud, “God where are you!” whilst at the sometime knowing full well God is still right there even though it doesn’t feel like it!

It reminds me when I was in my early 20’s and I was just told my parents were separating. Now I knew in my head, prob even in my heart that its not God’s fault yet still I remember driving home from church prayer meeting shouting to God, “where are you, why is this happening it’s not fair etc etc…”

As the psalmist writes, “My tears have been my food day and night, while men say to me all day long, “Where is your God?” (Psalm 42:3 NIVUK)” we can all relate to that I am sure! I know I can.

Yet the hope expressed in this psalm of continually pressing in, yearning for a living relationship with God is what really matters! He wants us to be real to tell him how we feel and allow him to completely fill us with his love & real hope for the future!

In the difficult times, the lonely times can you cry out to God, like a deer panting for the water… Are you thirsty for the living God? Do you yearn to find your own space to go and meet with Him?

Consider too, Jesus in John 4 says to the women at the well, “if you knew who it was asking you for a drink you would of asked him and he would give you living water” & “everyone who drinks the water will never be thirsty again… will become a spring of living water welling up to eternal life” (Jn 4:10,13-14)

Today, in the hard times, press in for the living water and find that quiet place alone with him. Tell him your hopes, fears, dreams and allow Holy Spirit to minister God’s total thirst quenching love to you! in Christ you are more than conquer’s!

Live in it! Be real with God today! And remember he loves YOUR company!


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