Being restored…

Psalm 43:1-5 (NIVUK)

Psalm 42 & 43 belong together. Psalm 43 brings us the focus to how we are restored when bad things happen.

Sometimes it feels like we’re ‘tossed aside’ that God has forgotten you – yet this is never the case even in the midst of tough circumstances!

Make God your strong hold (safe haven) (v2)
So often when things are hard the last place we look for safety is in a relationship with Father God!

Yet as this psalm reminds us that our hope (sure and steadfast not wishy washy or uncertain) should be in the Lord!

Keys to overcoming & being restored:
1/ Allow The light of truth to guide you (v3) – it’s about getting the right perspective if we continually grope around in the darkness we will trip up!
2/ consequently the light (Jesus is the light of the world) will lead you to the presence of God to dwell on His truth, comfort, peace – away from the confusion of your circumstances!
3/ your response (v4) come to the alter, thanksgiving and praise! Then your depression or hard times will have a different perspective!

Consider the situation you find yourself in. The one you’re struggling with meditate on the words in the last part of the last verse (v5) “Why are you so upset inside? Put your hope in God…” imagine the situation and declare the words of the psalmist over and above it that you are putting your Hope in God above your circumstance! Allow his presence to fill you as you come into a new perspective in His presence and make Him your Strong hold, your safe haven!


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