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Have you ever heard a parent or grand parent say, “it wasn’t like that in our day!” What were they getting at? Might just be recounting how times have changed & sometimes not always for the better! And often can be away to pass on values from generation to generation.

Do you realise the previous generations are a gift to us! When was the last time you listened to a older relative recounting their faith stories of when they were much younger or read a biography of a Christian Hero? These are always so encouraging to hear as we know that we’re not the only generation that has gone through triumphs & struggles.

In today’s psalm it starts with recounting what they’ve heard from their forefathers, “we have heard with our ears… What you did in their days…” (v1)
What is their testimony then? It comes through total dependance on God!
1. (v3) not by sword, own efforts alone. In Christ is our strength not the tools!
2. (v5,8) notice where it says “through you” & “in God” – The Lord is looking for people to work with him not alone! In Christ, you are more than conquerers!

Now consider the contrast in the preceding verses, the people feel abandoned by God. Why? Look especially at v8′ “but…” & v18, “Our hearts had not turned back…”

Don’t just merely dismiss the past but learn from it! Let history be His Story at work that encourages your faith journey!

Thank God today for the previous generations of faith in your life, take time to listen to their stories and too pass on your stories of faith to the generations after you!

That in listening we call on the name of the Lord to Rise Up and help us because of His unfailing love! (v26)


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