Wedding theme – to the bride

Psalm 45:10-17 (NIV)

Continuing our theme in Ps. 45 the next number of verses speak to the bride. Lets consider these verses as to a bride at a wedding an exhortation to a beautiful young lady!

You’re entering into a new life:
1/ (v11) Wow! Enthralled! You are trully beautiful – daily listen to your new found place where you are trully loved! Its not about whats gone before but about your future life! You can imagine this in any courting relationship the guy is enthralled by your beauty! Consider too what it says about Christ’s love for His Church!

2/ (v12-13) influential amongst the nations around you — people around you will be drawn to you.

3/ (v14-15) you will lead people with joy into the kings prescence. It is well known that it is the women in a marriage that make the house a home! A welcoming place, a place of hospitality!

4/ (16-17) lasting effect throughout the generations. Lasting influence. Called to make a difference.

When I started writing this reflection I began with it as a call to the women – and for sure it is but we can also see Christ’s passion for his Church that His people would be an influence among the nations (not influenced by them), and that Christ’s church drawers people into the very presence of the God with joy!

Wow! Consider how the Lord Jesus is “enthralled by your beauty” dwell on that and let it satuate your very being — that you may be an influence drawing people into His presence today!


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