Admist turmoil… Look for the constant!

Psalm 46

Reading this psalm makes me think of paralell universes, or at least paralell realities! I used to love watching the old action drama Sliders where a group of young people would go through a portal to alternative realities – where most of the time things were the same but just one thing had changed in history so the whole reality was different! Like when they went to German speaking america because in that reality it wasn’t english that was chosen for the national language but German!

In Psalm 46 we see two realities which we face everyday:
1/ (v 3,6,8,9) living in turmoil, disaster in the world – perhaps its financial instability, that many face at this time or personal hardships or the plight of a nation fighting.
2/ (v 1,2,4,5,7,10,11) the reality that God is present even in troubled times! V1 opens with, “He is our refuge and strength… Ever-present help in troubled times”

Consider today how Father God desires you to call upon him in troubled times! Much of the disaster that we face in the world is because of Creation groaning as humankind have rejected the living God! Yet God’s grace even in the midst of the turmoil is still available to all those who call out to him and discover the refuge that is available in God through Christ Jesus. “everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved” Ro. 10:13

In your turmoil, whatever situation you find yourself in – know the reality that God is the reality that truly matters!

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