A joy that changes nations

Psalm 47:1-2 (NIV), Psalm 47:4-5 (NIV), Psalm 47:9 (NIV)

When I reflect on this Psalm I am reminded of the song, “Can a nation be changed… Can a nation be turned back to you?” because this Psalm characterises the key element that will see our nations, cities, communities even our family changed!

What is Joy? What does it mean to know the Joy of the Lord?

When i consider most nations today with local economies in turmoil for example we can’t say our nations know joy, can we!?!

Here the call to God’s people! His Church! To Raise the Joy level!
1/ (v1,2) Proclaim the Joy of the Lord – declare! Shout aloud! Tell out the wonderous deeds (give testimony) to what He is doing!
2/ (v4) Know your inheritance is sure! A hope which is not uncertain but solid!
3/ (v5) declaring the Joy & hope that you have will effect people around you! It will influence nations & communities! Start in your family!
4/ (v9) let the joy rub off on those people of influence in your town, city, community that they may enquire of the Lord!

Live in the Joy of the Lord! Today write down your joy list! What are you thankful to God today? Go to your private place and shout it out to the heavens declare the joy of the Lord over you! For he is singing over you with shouts of joy!!

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