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Psalm 48:1-2 (NIV), Psalm 48:8-10 (NIV), Psalm 48:12-14 (NIV)

Have you ever been to one of the 7 wonders of the world? Even a massive buzzing city like New York with its spectacular skyline? Wjat would you say is the most spectacular place you have been too?

Every city in the world has its attractions and trying to be better than other nations with its tallest towers, famous parks or palaces. Now consider the city of the Most high God – in comparision:

V2: in its loftiness… (NIV) what a great word! Conjuring up sheer size and spectacular sights which nothing on earth compares! What is it about this place?
– Filled with praise (v1, 10)
– Where God dwells (v3, 8)
– Secure & Safe (v8) [contrast to the enemies v. 6 & 7]
– Joy of the whole earth (v2) an envy of the nations
– An invitation (v12, 13)

Meditate on His wonders (v9) consider the invitation in v12 to “walk around the city” I love exploring new cities taking in the sites and smells and then passing onto others what Ive discovered through my blog. How much more when we experience living and dwelling on the things of God surely we want to pass it on! V13 “that you may tell them to the next generation”

What, then, is this city? The bible is full of imagerary of the future hope of things to come! Yet it is also about how as Christians we are called to live today! Jesus has called his Church to be the envy of the nations a place where his glory dwells, a place of security and safety away from the enemey that prowls around like a lion seeing who it can devour, a place of joy.

Today, I ask myself what of His city does he want to reveal to me today and is there anyone I should pass this on too?

Hear the invite, to meditate on his unfailing love and take a walk with Him ‘walk around the city”! Perhaos, put on a worship/soaking cd and invite Holy Spirit to bring you to new revelation on what it means to live as a citizen of His kingdom!

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