Call to intemacy!

Psalm 63:1-8 (NCV), Psalm 63:11 (NCV)

Living in Ireland its hard to imagine a dry and parched place especially after so much rain this last few days and although I’ve not really experienced physcally the desert its easy to see the contrast between plenty of water and none at all!

Considering this psalm reflects on King David finding himself in a dry place, perhaps physcally as well as a deep longing spiritually in his heart. What can we see from his wilderness experience:
1/ He remembered with thankfulness & joy what God has! Do you realise even in the dry times, those times of wilderness you are still full up with the promises of God! (v2-3, 6 & 7) remind yourself today & be thankful!
2/ Deep yearning to know his God – it is only in those times of deep thirst we seek out refreshment – and to go deeper in our relationship with God! (v1) a picture hear of real yearning to know your God!
3/ Where is your comfort? Especially in the dry & difficult times we find out where we run to and we cling to what we know gives us comfort, yet the very thing that can really satisfy is knowing Father God (v8) What are you clinging to today?

Do you hear that deep yearning in your very soul, the very centre of your being to get close to Father God? Or are you filling your heart with things that do not satisfy, when you in that dry place don’t run to the stuff that can’t satisfy – and yes we all do it don’t we? Instead listen to the cry of your heart and run to a loving heavenly Father who loves you and wants the best for you! (v10,11)


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