An invitation!

Psalm 66:5-7 (NLT), Psalm 66:16-18 (NLT), Psalm 66:20 (NLT)

Come and see! One of the best ways to daily stay close to God is to recount often the amazing things that God has done in your own life, as well as throughout history! And let that rise up in your heart with a Shout of Joy!

Consider what amazing things is God doing in your life or the life of your friends, community, church or even your nation?

In this psalm we see thepsalmist recount:
(v6) amazing thing of parting the red sea!
(v7) he watches the nations – he is ultimately in control!

This should lead people to ultimately fear God – that is not to be afraid but more of a respect in awe and wonder of who God is! And just how much God the creator of the world LOVES YOU!

An invitation then today is…

(v16) Come and listen! Take some time today to hear his still small voice calling you – allow him to reveal how much he loves you!

(v17) be real! Ask him for help praising him as you do for the wonderful things he’s already done!

(v18) confess sin! Live a forgiven life dont let anything spoil your relationship with God or each other!

(v20) rejoice – he is paying attention to you! He is NOT ignoring you! He still lavishes on you HIS unfailing love!

Receive it today!

Sometimes its in the quietness that he talks and we just need to stop!


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