Pass it on!

Psalm 71:17-19 (NLT)

Imagine King David well old! People around him (that is enemies) all they can do is poke fun at his old age.

If today you are feeling old, be like david, look for ways to pass on to the next generation “the wonderful things” the Lord is and has been doing! For the older generation has responsibility to build faith in the emerging generation?

On the other hand, if you’re young, on fire and ready to go make sure you surround yourself with good men and women of faith – listen to their stories and allow that to build your faith in Christ Jesus!

To the young and old learn to appreciate each generation – the bible is full of passing on stories of faith from one generation to another.

Just because David was old and gray (v18) didnt mean his ministry was finished! He still had a part to play.

Wherever you are in your life remember God hasn’t finished that work he began in you! You are alive today because you have something that someone else needs to hear!

Pass it on!


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