Passing it on… Bigger & Better

Psalm 72:1 (NLT), Psalm 72:6 (NLT), Psalm 72:12 (NLT), Psalm 72:18-20 (NLT)

    What would be your prayer for those coming after you?

Imagine King David drawing to the end of his life, aware the mantle and anointing will pass to his son Solomon, has written out a mandate & call for his Son’s reign!

King David’s heart is to pass on to his son all that he has experienced from God and more!

When we’re faced with passing onto the next generation do we want to see them blessed more than us? Or does pride get in the way and we kinda secretly hope that they wont really be quite as good as you were?

Look around you today? Consider the people in your life perhaps following after you – the people you will pass something onto. Ask yourself, how much more blessed can they be than me as you pass on what you know that they may grow deeper and develop beyond where you ever were!

For me a key to passing on to the next generation is that each generation will indeed greater tell of the wonderful deeds of the Lord in ever new exciting ways!


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