Get in and celebrate 2012 in germany!
Transform the world!

I’m excited to be part of mission-net in Erfurt, Germany this year. I will be taking part in the exhibition area with ICY (International Christian Youth Works)

“to help both train new and emerging youth leaders and service the youth work village at Mission-net, which  is the largest conference for missionally minded young Christians in Europe. In order to make the conference as accessible to all, including those from Eastern Europe, all participants from the Director down pay their costs, even conference fees. I commend Richie for you to support in any way you possibly can. His contribution is likely to be invaluable to us. Many thanks” Colin Piper, ICY Director & staff associate for World Evangelical Alliance Exec. Chair Youth Commision.

As part of my time at mission-net I will be show-casing Amplifi Radio and multi blogging platform to encourage organisations and groups to engage together in their town, city, country and hopefully bring together what is being done in youth ministry across europe.

Travel Plans

Currently I have paid for the ferry crossing to the UK and Eurotunnel to France. I am thankful that the travel element to Germany is being shared as we’re traveling together with other’s connected with ICY.

I leave on the 22nd and head down to bournemouth for Christmas to visit family and friends to the 27th. On this day I head towards Eurotunnell to pick up co-workers to travel together to France.

Traveling back from Germany on the 2nd and returning to Ireland on the 5th January. As I travel up towards liverpool I would really like to visit people on the way – reconnect with Churches in Maidenhead, Nuneaton especially.

Possible opportunities to share about the work in Ireland, needs and prayer requests, as well as a media workshop with your young people!


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