Being real in distressing times…

Psalm 77:1-3 (NIV), Psalm 77:6-8 (NIV), Psalm 77:10-13 (NIV), Psalm 77:18-19 (NIV)

I love the psalms, they are so real!

Real emotions! Real feelings! Real insecurities!

I wonder what it is you’re looking forward to this new year?

Is there any distress? Perhaps you’ve lost a job or someone close to you?

Consider the feeling in this song — in my distress I sought the Lord and then into somewhat unanswered questions of — Why!?! Why me?

Yet look at what follows! Has God changed? Look back and consider the wonderful things He HAS DONE for you! What a difference it makes to the NOW when we consider where God is in our time of distress!

Look back on the last year, look for the signposts of when and where God has been faithful, jot them down in your journal! Now looking to this year trust Father God to walk with you through distressing and hard times! HE WILL!

Be Real with Father God today!

Tell him your hurts, concerns at the start if the year!

Give thanks to the Lord for his faithfulness so far!

Trust Him for now and the future!


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