Flattery gets you no where!

flattery is like a frame without a picture - it's not that attractive
Flattery is like a frame without a picture – it’s not that attractive!THEfunkyman /Foter

Psalm 78:2 (NIV), Psalm 78:7-8 (NIV), Psalm 78:11 (NIV), Psalm 78:36 (NIV), Psalm 78:38 (NIV), Psalm 78:60 (NIV), Psalm 78:65 (NIV), Psalm 78:68-70 (NIV), Psalm 78:72 (NIV)

When life is tough we cry out to God! We acknowledge his wonders and then proceed to ask for help!

When I consider the picture in this psalm we see Israel had a major problem! On the one hand they would remember their God but then go back to doing what they had done in ignorance of any sign they even had a relationship with the living God!

Divide this psalm into three:
Vv1-8 : God’s heart for his people looking to the emerging generation
Vv9-64 : People’s ignorance displayed / God’s continued grace
Vv65-72 : God’s continued plan for redemption

A call to your generation! Don’t be like the generation before you, stubborn & rebellious (v11,12) offering empty words of praise when it suits (v36) its called flattery it gets you know where with Father God!

Instead be a generation that earnestly seeks the hidden things of God in scripture (v2)! Rejoice in the wonders He has done! Do not live a double life where in the ‘religious’ meetings you say and do all the right things but then the rest of the week you do your own thing forgetting the things of God!

Jesus said, He is the way the truth and the life (jn 14v6) Jesus is the one to follow let him lead you today He is real!

There is so much in this psalm today meditate on the wonders of God! Say sorry for the flattery of your lips – repent and ask for His help to be real with him everyday not just in the ‘religious’ meetings!


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