Compassion wins through

Playing with magnets
Sean MacEntee /Foter

You’ve probably heard of the phrase “guilty by association” or found yourself amidst those that mock what you believe!

Its a theme running through the psalms that its God’s best for his people not to “sit with mockers” in the sense of allowing the association to influence behaviour that one becomes more like them.

I found a couple of magnets in the garden the other day i dont know how they got there. It is fun playing with magnets particularly when you use the them to repell each other pushing the other away!

Association is a bit like those magnets sometimes we allow ourselves to stick, but some things cause us to repell!

The key here to me seems to be realising first our “desparate need for help, can’t do it on our own” and secondly out of the “compassion and mercy of Father God!” which compells us to act! (v8)

Consider this:
Despite Israel’s continued rebellion it was God’s mercy and compassion that triumphed over judgement for sin – even though it’s judgement is deserved!

Where is your need today?
Are you living out of the compassion of Father God?
Are you compelled to live with healthy associations?
How might God’s compassion lead you today?

Today if you hear His voice do not harden your heart instead respond to the compassion of Father God revealed to you in His begotten Son, Jesus. Ask for His help to live differently, see differently, act differently bringing Joy to the heart of Father God!


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