Revive Us

Psalm 80:3 (NIV), Psalm 80:7 (NIV), Psalm 80:18-19 (NIV)

What kind of person are you in the morning? Do you wake up feeling refreshed for a new day? Does it take time to shrugg off the old day and begin a new?

Every morning I’m aware I need reviving, refreshing to treat a new day as new yet sometimes more often than not the previous days expecations drag me down or its just a lack of sleep!

Perhaps you feel a bit like that with God? Each day is a struggle to focus on your relationship with Father God?

V18 sums up the drudgery of life sometimes simply put we need ‘new life’ a revival in our heart to really know and I mean REALLY know at our core of our being that we BELONG to God! Thats basically what it means to know you are SAVED!

That fresh start comes from knowing real LIFE! Jesus said whoever has the son has life… and elsewhere, Jesus came so that you may know life and life to the FULL – complete, secure!

Perhaps today you need that inner revival of your heart? Allow your heart to be changed today by inviting Jesus to have full reign in your life – then you will know revival! You WILL live differently as v18 at the start says, “so that we will not turn from you…” and verses 3, 7 & 19 says, “restore us… your face shine upon us” – the refresh will come!

Revive me today O Lord that I may choose life today!


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