Are you forfeiting God’s promises?

Psalm 37:4 (NIV), Psalm 81:1 (NIV), Psalm 81:9-11 (NIV), Psalm 81:13 (NIV), Psalm 81:16 (NIV)

Consider the hope you have in God today!

So often we deviate from God’s purposes for our lives and run after other gods. What are these other gods? It doesnt mean that you’ve necessarily got a king statue in your house and you bow down each morning in worship to it!

Do you have a girl or boy friend? Or are you engaged, married or permanently yoked to a partner? How do you feel when other things be it, sport, tv, work, leisure, friends get in the middle of your relationship and consume the time you desire together and you get crowded out!? Jealousy is one feeling that comes to mind! Even though your desire is to give the best to your partner!

It’s exactly the same with God! He’s jealous for you! He loves you! He wants to give the best for you! Yet so often we forfeit the best going after other things! The bible says that he wants to give you the desires of your heart, but so often we miss the first bit – delight yourself in the Lord (ps.37:4) it is in the delighting, the relationship with Father God he desires do much for you!

Look at the promise of God right at the end of today’s psalm (v16)! his desire is for good things for you!

Today dont forfeit those promises by running after other things! Repent, say sorry and ask God to give you new hope today. In Jesus name, Amen!


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