God hates injustice yet his patience is amazing!

Reflections based on Psalm 82:5 (NLT)

Darkness is the absence of light!
Injustice is the absence of justice!
Injustice is a lack of respect for others!
Judgement is a consequence of sin!
Judgement is the absence of righteousness!
Righteousness is living daily out of a respect for God!

Consider the lack of respect there is for Creator God in the world! We hear daily in the news of nations oppressing their people – this WILL lead to divine judgement. Yet! God’s grace and mercy always triumphs first – the very nature of God is that He doesnt desir to bring judgement and destruction for the injustices of humankind but instead WAIT patiently for as many as possible to turn from rebellion, ignorance or wickedness to CHANGE hearts and live in RENEWED relationship with Father God! After all did not Jesus at the cross receive judgement that he didnt deserve for our rebellion ONCE & FOR ALL TIME so that through the cross we may know forgiveness and live CLEAN before Father Creator God!!!

STOP living in darkness ask FATHER GOD to forgive your rebellion, ignorance and see that JESUS took the judgement you deserve away at the CROSS so that you CAN start LIVING RIGHT with God TODAY!

If you not part of a CHRISTIAN church already find one they will help you grow in the things of God!


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