Psalm 87:2 (NLT), Psalm 87:4 (NLT), Psalm 87:5 (NLT), Psalm 87:6 (NLT), Psalm 87:7 (NLT)

As I reflect on this psalm this morning I’m reminded of Paul’s letter to the Romans, Ëveryone who calls upon the name of the Lord will be saved”and simularly we see here just how much it is God’s desire that people are part of His kingdom!

Consider for a moment some privaleges of being a citizen of God’s city:
– Your place is secured! God loves the place! (v1-2)
– people willl be there that you least expect! (v4)
– the city is famous amongst the nations (v3)
– Everyone is welcome, “this one and that one were born in zion… (5)
– the source of life to the nations (7)

In this passage we find not such an individual citizenship and listing those rights as is customary in today’s world – instead the focus is upon the nations! A corporate identity of whole nations enjoying the citizenship of heaven – Jerusalem!

Where are you today? Where is your citizenship? Do you know you are able Today to enter into the citizenship of heaven?

Jesus said that he has come to give you Life in all its fullness – that is the hope, real hope found only in the joy of belonging as a citizen of heaven!

Do you know today you can be born into God’s city and become a citizen of his kingdom today! Where are you today – inside or on the outside?

Jesus went to the cross to secure a place for you in this city so that you can become a citizen of heaven! It takes a big man or women to admitt they need God – today if you hear his voice do not harden your heart as you did in rebellous times…

Dear Lord,
I’m truly sorry for living selfishly for just me. Thank you Jesus for dieing for me on the cross, I receive your forgiveness and a clean start that you may help me today to live as a citizen of heaven. Show me Lord Jesus how much you love me today, soften my heart that I may truly get to know you. teach me your ways that I may walk in your truth. Thank you Jesus for loving me. –Amen.


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