Latest News – March 2012

Can you believe it? Today it’s March 1st and we just had a leap year!! alas no-one proposed to me so I’m safe for another 4 years – haha!!

Just a quick update of what I’m doing and where my focus has been over this last few months:

Spirit Radio, Ireland
I continue to work in Ireland’s national Christian radio station looking after Operational support, ensuring software in the studio’s are working, network, website as well as managing the adverts on the radio, station content and ensuring the music schedules are done – that is to make sure you actually have something to listen too!

Since the beginning of the year I have also been blessed with my own show! Every Saturday from 4 – 8 pm (Ireland time) where I do a mix of music, weekly facebook fun poll, dedications and a feature from 7 – 8.

Encouragingly we have just had two independant survey’s done which show Spirit Radio has around 200,000 listeners across the country!

I am also excited to be part of Cornerstone Church in Dun Laoghaire and I’m currently engaging in helping to run monthly All Age Services and relaunch the Children’s ministry on Sunday’s as well as a mid-week group. The process has started bringing a team together to train and equip.

Amplifi Radio (schools radio network)
This is still going, however for the time being I’m having to put it on hold until I am able to give more time to seeing this develop. I am hoping to save/secure enough funding to allow me to take two months out to properly launch this vision hopefully later this year. Having said that the station is still online and oportunities available for groups to broadcast.

That’s about it for this post – more soon and thanks so much for your interest in my work and ministry.


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