Life’s lows in correct context

Psalm 88:1 (NLT), Psalm 88:2 (NLT), Psalm 88:3 (NLT), Psalm 88:11 (NLT), Psalm 88:12 (NLT), Psalm 88:13 (NLT), Psalm 88:14 (NLT), Psalm 88:15 (NLT), Psalm 88:16 (NLT), Psalm 88:17 (NLT), Psalm 88:18 (NLT)

Consider for a moment what it means to be depressed:

Focusing on an aspect of life, your situation where hope is seemingly lost.

This psalm we see the cry of the someone in despair:
– friends abandoned, even no longer alive!
– enemies around taunting
– sickness since youth

Look at the rhetorical statements in vv10-12 begs the question that wallowing or allowing your focus to be on the dark times is totally pointless – its even self-destructive!


1/ CRY OUT TO GOD vv 1-2, 13 when all else fails the only thing to do is utterly cry out to God – receive his Life, his love even admidst the dark times and allow his light to flood in!

2/ BE REAL – vv 3-7, 14-18 whatever situation you find yourself in, be real with God! Allow him to lift your head!

So that YOU may REFOCUS ON THE WONDERFUL THINGS GOD IS DOING – learn a grater dependancy on Him!

The devil will try to keep you FOCUSED on the darkness – dont let him destroy your peace!

TODAY get lifes lows in there correct context! In the face of eternity its temporary for those who believe and trust in Jesus!