God’s sure promises!

Psalm 89:32 (NLT), Psalm 89:33 (NLT), Psalm 89:34 (NLT), Psalm 89:52 (NLT)

How are you at keeping promises? Most likely many of us have been rubbish at keeping our promises even when many promises are conditional to certain events.

Consider the promise in this psalm. Is there a condition and to what extent is the promise lost if the condition is broken?

Interesting to note in this psalm we see a glowing account of the faithful promises of almighty God paralelled to the failings of the people to live up to those promises! We see too that it is not that God has neglected the promise he made but as a consequence to sin there is a failure to receive God’s promise of life and how its intended to be!

The amazing fact of almight God he never forgets the promise he has made!
(v4) in v31-32 we read “if they do not keep my decrees… …then i will punish their sin…” in other words it is a consequence of turning away from Father God we find ourselves punished as it were – separated from God he doesnt listen to our selfish cries!

However and this is the amazing bit, despite our disobediance the promise still stands! (v33-34) “But, i will never stop loving them… Nor fail to keep my promise… (or) will i break my covenant… Or take back a single word I have said”

Wow! Amazing God’s promise still stands today! He is waiting, longing for people to return to live according to his ways – in loving friendship with Almight God – Wow! All that is needed is to turn back, say sorry and choose this day to live in the promises that God has intended for you!


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