Be thrilled today!

Psalm 92:1 (NLT), Psalm 92:2 (NLT), Psalm 92:4 (NLT), Psalm 92:10 (NLT), Psalm 92:14 (NLT), Psalm 92:15 (NLT)

What kind of persn are you in the morning?
Do you wake up and say to yourself, “OMG! It’s morning already” or do you jump up and exclaim with great joy, “Thank God it’s morning!” in an attitude of worship and thanksgiving.

For me I’d probably say that many a time it’s a mixture of the too if I’m totally honest – you know the mind doesn’t do what the heart responds!

This psalm opens as a song to be sung on the last day of the week exclaiming thanks to God for the good things he’s done!
Give thanks for:
v1 – who he is (most high God)
v2 – his character – he’s faitful and loves you continually
v5 – what he has done and is going to do – you know he’s thinking of you, his Church in the world and the impact it should be having in the world!

Consider your response:
v4 – “You thrill me, Lord, with all you have done for me! I sing for joy because of what you have done.” When was the last time you exclaimed a joyous thril for what he has done for you? a thril to me is like going to a fairground ride or your best moment in that sporting moment where you scored, or reached the highest peak – you shout out a loud shrill as the moment enthrills you!!
v10 – know this! you are strong! you are anointed! not with any old anointing – but only the best!

Today as you go about your day look for the joy, see the thrills that the Lord is smiling over you – and go on, shout out a thrilling sound of joy in thanks to God!


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