Reflections and April News

We’re in April already! Can you believe it!?! Summer it seems is hopefully just around the corner. I’m currently just travelling back from a really nice weekend in Bristol for a bit of a family reunion, for a 70th Birthday – it was so wonderful to see cousins, their children (some grown up) uncles and aunt’s that I’ve not seen for ages.

Sunday was a nice time to, experiencing a service at Horfield Parish Church, certainly not the kind of service I would normally go to with it’s incense aroma (representing the presence of God) wafting through the sanctuary and the choir parading down the aisle at the start, end and the middle for the gospel reading with more insense!

The sermon struck me as the priest talked about Thomas, who doubted that Jesus really was risen from the dead – he needed to see proof! We all have doubts in life quite often whether it’s about faith, or the direction we’re heading in. In this instance Thomas doubt was healthy, not inasmuch a lack of faith doubt but a natural desire to really want to experience the truth for himself!!

For me the question of faith arising from Thomas’ experience is not that we should never doubt but always trust – for that is not reality! but instead be open always in times of doubt to allow God to come in and show us with certainty that we may experience the truth of the reality of a deep conviction of faith. After Thomas saw Jesus, heard and touched the church was birthed!

Perhaps today you feel doubt? Don’t allow that doubt to close your mind to seeking the truth but instead always stay open allowing God to reveal to you truth. Be open, keep being open as soon as you close your mind and heart you will never know!

It is so easy to doubt sometimes the path you on, or just to base it on past experience and allow that past experience to shape your future but perhaps we should be trusting that the path we’re on is shaping afresh and new things that we are set to accomplish in our life.

Coming up in May/June
Children Matter Forum 23-24 May (Birmingham)
Dun Loaghaire Mission – 4 – 16 June

It’s also going to be busy in June/July/August as it may well be the time when Spirit Radio looks at moving studio’s.

In May I hope to make some time available to visit churches in the midlands area to share on the work here in ireland.

Keep an eye on my blog for news as it happens.


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