What noise are you listening too?

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Psalm 93:1 (NIV), Psalm 93:2 (NIV), Psalm 93:3 (NIV), Psalm 93:4 (NIV), Psalm 93:5 (NIV), Revelation 12:11 (NIV)

I wonder today what noise are you listening too? It is all to easy in today’s age to focus on that which breeds insecurity – for example, wars in the middle east, the fear of a nuclear attack followed by mass retalliation – or perhaps just the day to day work life security or lack of it!

Consider v3: floods and waves in a storm they are really flippen loud! And it can be quite fearful! What is the noise going on in your life right now that is causing you to fear? Perhaps its job insecurity, family upset, awareness of the insecurity of world economies or fear of world war?

Ok. Now consider God where is he in all this? The end of verse 1 says just as the Lord is clothed in majesty and in strength and power so it is with the world it is, “firmly established and cannot be moved”! And in v4 the Lord is mightier than the noise of the many waters!

Take heart! The noise you hear around you which is giving rise to insecurity know that the Lord is greater!

But how do we get that revelation into our heart?
v5 holds the key:
The testimony of what God has done and is doing not just in your life but the lives of people around you and in history!
Amplified adds, ‘separation from sin, simple trust and hearty obedience’
Know today as the scripture says that you overcome by the blood of the lamb (freedom from sin), and the word of your testimony (continued hearty obedience) why because God loves you so much he always desires the best for you. Today if you hear the noise go back to God and allow his love surround you and keep you and then the noise, well it’ll fade imto insignificance!


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