Do you have a new song?

Psalm 96:1 (NLT), Psalm 96:2 (NLT), Psalm 96:3 (NLT), Psalm 96:4 (NLT), Psalm 96:5 (NLT), Psalm 96:6 (NLT), Psalm 96:7 (NLT), Psalm 96:8 (NLT), Psalm 96:9 (NLT), Psalm 96:10 (NLT), Psalm 96:11 (NLT), Psalm 96:12 (NLT), Psalm 96:13 (NLT)

In an age of talent shows on tv we see a whole host of rising stars. What a joy it is to find natural talent which resonates with all those listening yiu cant help but get emotional in your heart!

Just yesterday I had the joy to hear on of our young people sing beautifully one of her own songs. It was a song about a young girl searching for God in all the wrong places but realising at the sametime the only real place is found in Jesus! That is what I like about the psalms they are real emotions expressed by real people with hurts, joys, and troubles faced expressed in song to God who hears!

Ps. 96 starts (v1) “Sing to the Lord a new song…” and then in v3, “Tell everyone about the amazing things he does.”

What is the song you’re singing today? Perhaps its of joy, or sorrow – whatever your song be real with God he is well able to care for you! (v5) compares other gods being mere (pointless) idols where as Father God desires to be LORD (YAWEH) he is I AM that is whatever you’re going through right now, hear him say I AM is for you, I AM loves you!

Perhaps start this day with a new song to the Lord! Tell hiim how you feel. Allow a new song inspired by His joy to shape your future.

Publish the amazing things he has done for you – ask the Holy Spirit to bring them to mind!

Write your response a new song to God! Your song brings joy to the heart of the Father!


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