Youth 2000, summer goings on…

I’m not long back from the midlands (ireland) just stayed in a beautiful B&B just outside of Athlone overlooking Lough Ree. The main attraction for the weekend was representing Spirit Radio at the annual Catholic Youth Festival at Clonmacnoise – a thousand 16 – 35 year olds from all over Ireland (and beyond) for a long weekend of dynamic praise and worship, bible teaching and effective workshops on subjects to help participants live out their Christian faith to go deeper.

At Clonmacnoise there was a sense of deep passion by the end of the weekend that as the young people go back to their respective parishes that they would not forget what God has done and take home it back home with them.

Regardless of what one thinks of the Catholic Church, some may critisize however one can’t deny that God is working amongst many faithful Catholics! Events like Youth 2000 at Clonmacnoise, and the year round prayer groups that happen in local areas certainly are effective way of helping young catholics discover more of their destiny in Christ. My prayer would be that this would not just be an isolated pocket’s of action within the Church but would filter through into each parish and somehow the Holy Spirit would light the fire of individual priests to take the responsibility of seeing people discipled effectively into and out of a personal relationship with Christ! How powerful would the church then be with a bunch of collective people dedicated to Christ doing stuff together – making God famous in their communities cause of the amazing things being done!


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