To know God’s character is key!

Psalm 103:2 (NLT), Psalm 103:3 (NLT), Psalm 103:4 (NLT), Psalm 103:5 (NLT), Psalm 103:7 (NLT), Psalm 103:8 (NLT), Psalm 103:9 (NLT), Psalm 103:10 (NLT), Psalm 103:11 (NLT), Psalm 103:12 (NLT), Psalm 103:13 (NLT), Psalm 103:14 (NLT), Isaiah 55:9 (NLT)

Wow! God is good!
Never forget the good things he’s done for you! You are crowned with love and tender mercies and His desire for you is good things! (v2-5)

Yet so often the reality of this status doesn’t match with our life on earth today! Why? It’s much to do with knowing, and that is really knowing intimately who God is and what he is like! King David drawers in this psalm from how God revealed himself intimately to Moses: v7, “The Lord reveals His character to Moses” and then the proceding verses give something of His character and the God we are at liberty to get to know!!

> Compassionate and Merciful (v8)
(slow to anger, patient)
> He doesn’t wave a big stick at us (v9)
(He is kind, full of compassion, patient, he doesn’t keep accusing us constantly but waits, his prompting is kind, gracious and full of love)
> Gracious, & kind – not treating us as our sins deserve (v10)
> Complete forgiveness can be known (v11)
(as far as the east is from the west that is how far our sin is from us!
> A father full of compassion on his children (13)
> Even though we’re finite God’s infinite love totally surrounds us (17)

Who can know this God? Who can understand and know his ways? So often we mis quote the scripture (Isaiah 55v9) “As far as the heavens are higher than the earth so are my ways higher than your ways” that is true for a people in complete rebellion against God! But it is not his purpose, nor is it his desire!

The Lord desires His people to know his ways! That is why Jesus came into the world, to show us how to fully connect with Father and live the life intended for us!

Today, where the crown of his tender love and mercy everytime a thought enters your head saying, “I’m not good enough declare back that you are loved and a child of the living God – picture Father taking you in his arms and telling you he’s proud of you!


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